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The idea is reserving bikes; A student scans his ID card to gain access to the bikes; the device unlocks automatically, allowing him to take the bike; when he/she arrives at their destination, he/she places the bike in an empty station, which locks automatically. However, in order for the student to use this, he must have access to his ID card, which he can obtain from AUS (the university) in the same way that the high performance lab can apply for and obtain it, so that those who genuinely need a bike or who choose to ride a bike over their automobile are prioritized.

What i need from the tutor is to do one part of the logbook which is the Disadvantages of solution and two or three slides for the presentation for just the disadvantages of the solution part.

This is a small summary:


Using bikes to travel from one building to another on campus. The bikes will be based in stations that will exist around campus in different buildings including dorms. A student can take a bike from one building to another without worrying about where to put it. People can access a bike using their AUS ID card the same way they access the High Performance Center at AUS. To be able to use your card, you need to apply through uni so you could use your card to access bikes.

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