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Integral research PhD level question (4)

This is a PhD level. You MUST read through the entire materials and not just brush off.

Post (300 words) on something contained in the materials that moved you intellectually or emotionally this week. Share insightful realizations, inspirations, shifts, resonances. Include a particular quote that created that inner recognition of truth. Comment on things in EACH reading for this week that particularly stood out and/or were meaningful to you, and that were most relevant to, and useful for your dissertation research topic and method.

>>>> MUST citation and quotes (page number) – APA 7th is a must (do not count in words)

Module 4: Focusing Attention Reading:

1. Read the section on attention in chapter 4 (p. 188-198) in the book Transforming Self and others through Research (Anderson & Braud, 2011).

2. Read chapter 4 in Sparks of Genius (Root-Bernstein, 1999).

3. Read chapter 1 on intuitive inquiry inTransforming Self and others through Research (Anderson & Braud, 2011)

4. Attached SHORT lecture (listen first)

Class Notes:
This week we focus on attention as an essential Integral Research
Skill. In your readings, lecture, and video for this week, you will
discover various tools and practices than can help you to observe your
attention and where you are placing it. As Anderson and Braud (p. 189)
tell us: “The control and modulation of one’s own attentional processes
can play a very important role in research.” They also offer many
practices that can help us to witness our consciousness.

Charles Tart told my colleagues and I in our book, Living Deeply: The
Art and Science of Transformation in Everyday Life (p. 99): “The path
that interests me the most, personally and professionally, is what you
might call a path of awareness. It’s based on the assumption that in
ordinary consciousness a great deal of what happens is automatized.
Ordinary consciousness is only sort of semiconscious, and there is a
mechanical nature to it. Whereas, if you begin to apply to it various
kinds of mindfulness practices that give you insights into the way the
mind functions as well as certain concentrative abilities–this can
speed insights and enable you to focus your attention in a particular

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