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Integrated Instruction: Science or Math Lesson

Review principles 2 and 4 of Arizona’s Language Development Approach. This will give you an overview of the purpose and importance of integrated instruction in content area learning, and assessment feedback. Understanding these principles will help you complete this week’s assignment.

Scenario: Imagine you are a science or math content area teacher. Choose one. You will be planning an Integrated ELD lesson for a whole class of students whose English proficiency varies from basic to proficient. As you plan your lesson, you will need to consider how you will provide differentiated scaffolds for your English learners, but also challenge your English proficient students. Your driving standards will be the content area standards, but you will also use ELP standards 6–8 to help support your English learners. ELP standards 6–8 represent interactive communication, which supports listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Review the science or math Academic Standards or for your chosen grade level as determined in Week 1. Choose at least 1 content standard to assess in your lesson.

Access the following ELP Standards for your chosen grade level:

Review ELP standards 6, 7, and 8 and choose an ELP standard and sub-skill to address in your lesson. Pay attention to the expectations for each proficiency level (pre-emergent/emergent, basic, and intermediate). This will help you determine what differentiated scaffolds to provide for your English learners.

Remember to incorporate ELP language standards 9 or 10 in your lesson as determined in your Week 3 assignment.

Create a 30- to 45-minute science or math lesson (integrated ELD) that will assess your chosen standards and include differentiated instructional strategies to support your English learners. Technology should play a role in your lesson. Be sure to explain how you will use technology as a resource in your lesson.

Use the Wk 6 Assignment Template to complete your lesson.

Submit your assignment.

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