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Integration of Faith

Review the Thompson text and apply your knowledge of strategy/policy and your Christian
worldview as you evaluate the firm used in the case study.
Search the Bible (either the Old or New Testament) for verse(s) that would guide you in
answering the Ethical/Social/Financial Issues (you may choose from topics from the Thompson
textbook) that you have identified or that may be present in the firm and how this would guide
strategic choice.
In a minimum of 500 words, discuss this Bible verse(s) and your Christian worldview as they
relate to your chosen Ethical/Social Issues questions.
NOTE: To earn better than a minimum grade (B) in grad school, you must go beyond the
minimum and it must be considered excellent work.
A suggested format for this assignment is as follows:
a. First section: Discuss a problem or key area identified in your research of the
firm. What is the Ethical/Social/Financial Issues identified (from a
strategy/policy perspective).
b. Second section: State and discuss the Bible verse(s) that are relevant to the
identified area. To properly address this section, it will require biblical research to
put your verse(s) into context for the next section.
c. Third paragraph: Discuss/analyze the importance of the Bible verse(s) in
addressing your chosen topic from a Christian worldview perspective.

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