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International business 2 slides PowerPoint and points

Hi everone i need your help in this class its international business class and im doing a presentation with my classmate about pfizer

see the instructions :


The presentation should focus on key recommendations. Students should use visual materials to support their presentations.

The purpose of this assignment is to allow an in-depth investigation and evaluation of the international business environment rather than a mere documentation of facts. Fundamentally, the project allows you to demonstrate your skills in diagnosis of the international business environment, recommendations for managing this environment and communication of this in the written report and oral presentations. You are expected to apply the concepts learned in class, and using your imagination and judgment to develop insights and formulate recommendations.


You are expected to evaluate:

  1. two countries in which the firm has a presence:
  • US: headquarters, research and development ( i will show you an example on this ) just one slide

two countries in which the firm does not have a presence and you deem attractive for entry:

Peru: research and development location………. just one slide

and for the overview i need you to give me only som point about Geographic Reach and Goals & Objectives

and ask me if you do have any qustions

and make sure to add the reuses

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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