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international media’s role in globalization

In our first reading, Pieterse (1996) argues there are three broad paradigms for the analysis of globalization and culture: differentiation, convergence and hybridization (p. 1389). He shows that each paradigm makes certain assumptions about the world. Using readings from the course, explain which approach you think would be best to study international media’s role in globalization. Why is this approach best? Why isn’t another approach as good in your view?

In making your argument, reference at least five course readings from our term so far.

(with page numbers where appropriate. Reference page needed only if you use non-course material to support your argument. Essay should have page numbers and a title.)


  • Use a title that anticipates you argument for the reader
  • Clearly state your position early in the essay.
  • Use the body of the essay to provide evidence from the term’s readings you’ve chosen.
  • Touch on the central arguments of the readings you choose. Use details (from readings) only when it supports your argument for one paradigm or another.
  • Do not reproduce lengthy article or book titles in the body of the essay.
  • Use your own voice to relate arguments. Keep quoting of texts to a minimum.

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