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Interpret bar, pie,line,scatter plot data.

Answer the questions proposed in detail

  1. Based on the Bar Chart you created, which of the four geographic markets should Netflix focusmost on to add new subscribers? Why?
  2. Based on Pie Charts you created, video game console market share has been changing. If youwere asked to create a scatterplot (which you are not), what other yearly variable would youinclude to explain why video game console market share changes?
  3. Based on Line Chart you created, rail boardings have dramatically decreased with the shelter-in-place orders starting in March 2020. As Emergency Travel Orders are lifted, will rail boardingsincrease? Why or why not?
  4. Based on Scatterplot you created, what relationship exists between gasoline prices and automobilesales? Do you expect this relationship to change for 2020? Why or why not?
  5. Based on your center of data calculations, both the mean and median of Per Capita Income 2increased in 2020. What implications does this have on those on a fixed income (either those whoare retired or those working minimum wage jobs)?
  6. Given the change in the standard deviation of Per Capita Income over these two years and thepercentiles of per capita income for Per Capita Income 2, what do you conclude about income inequality in the US economy?

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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