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Interview video


This assignment is designed to familiarize you with the genre of the interview video and to prepare you to be able to create a documentary project.


Interview your portrait subject for between 10 and 25 minutes, then begin reworking your interview to include essential moments from the interview.

The video should incorporate the following aspects:

  • Ensure that your subject is comfortable with whichever space you choose.
  • Prepare 10 or so questions, plan the space, prepare your subject, compose your medium shot on the tripod, and use your wired lavalier microphones to record clean sound (minimal/no background noise) of you and your interviewee. If there’s a lot of wind when you’re filming outside, you’ll need to decide whether to move the interview inside or if you want to make or purchase a microphone windscreen. It’s best to film the interview inside to avoid this and use the interview audio over your outside shots.
  • When you edit your interview for essential moments, remember to include shots outside of the interview (i.e. shot of a field, a shot of a building, a person walking, etc.) that supplement the interview.

The final interview video should be between 4-5 min. You will submit the final video and a brief description (no more than a paragraph) of your interview questions and your interview goal.


You will use your Miami-provided YouTube account to upload your videos and share the link to complete your assignment submission. You will also submit your brief description and interview goal using the text field below.


Review the rubric below to learn more about the grading criteria.

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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