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Introduction to Psychology Discussion Part 2

This assignment has several parts

Part V

Lesson 5, Chapter, Managing Stress

1) List and describe the major sources of stress.

2) Give your interpretation of this quote: “Either you control your stress, or stress controls you.”

3) What is the relationship of emotions (and stress) to the development of psychophysiological (psychosomatic) disorders?

4) What are the characteristics of people with a hardy personality? What are some to the distinguishing characteristics of hardiness as a personality style as it applies to dealing with stress? How can hardiness act as a buffer against distress and illness in coping with the stresses associated with change?

5) What is involved in the concept of money or time management? List a few key ideas for effective management of money or time. LRB

Part VI

1) Discuss some the major barriers to loving and being loved.
2) What are the prerequisites to being able to genuinely love others?
3) Differentiate between authentic and inauthentic love.
4) Discuss the relationship between love and sexuality.
5) Discuss the five common substitutes for love that people sometimes cling to.
6) Discuss the idea that we don’t fall in love but, rather, choose to love.
7) How are love, sex, and intimacy related in your view?

Part VII

1). If you are presently in an intimate relationship and you had the option to “do it all over again,” would you get involved with the same person, knowing all that you know now?

2). What are some of the best features of your intimate relationship? What are some features you would most like to change? What are you doing about changing them?

3). In what ways are each of you growing? Are you growing? Are you growing closer together?

4) What are some specific things you do to keep your intimate relationships alive and vital?

5) How well do you deal with anger and conflict in your relationships? What difficulties, if any do you have in dealing with anger and conflict?


Chapter 8 Becoming the Woman or Man You Want to Be

1. What are your reactions to the concept of the traditional male, as portrayed in the chapter? What price do you see men as paying for living by such roles? To what degree do you see evidence that men are challenging traditional roles?

2. How can developing more flexible views of gender-role expectations be liberating for both women and men? How does this apply to your view?

3. What are some of the stereotypical traits typically assigned to being feminine and being masculine?

4. Can you trace a few significant influences on you own gender-role development? How was your image as a woman or man shaped?

5. Given the fact that there are definite cultural pressures toward adopting given gender roles, where does choice enter into the picture?

Part IX

Chapter 9 Sexuality Class Discussion

1. How have you developed your attitudes and values regarding sex? What factors have influenced your attitudes? Have you tried to form your own standards?
2. To what degree are you able to accept your own sexuality?
3. What are your thoughts about celibacy as an option? What importance do you place on being able to cultivate emotional intimacy without physical intimacy?

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