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ITEC 616: Managing the Digital Organization Homework week 2

Good morning Naulin,

Thank you for sharing your work with me. The strongest analysis will draw facts from the case- be specific. How much do they invest in the analytics? How do they mash-up these emerging technologies. Be specific- you are given very little space to include what I call fluffy info. Consider a work situation, you would be asked to support your ideas and usually that includes specifics, whether it is trends, opportunity costs so use this approach to be successful in your work. You see the theme here, be specific and use case facts.

Unchanged, this would probably earn a grade in the low 80’s. I am pleased to see how you approach the class work and all of this will help you succeed in your studies but most importantly in your career!.

Prof Klein

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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