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journal Article Critique

Evaluate a recent (January 2020-present) scientific journal article (primary research or
case study) of your choice for quality of research on a biotech topic.

Please note that the topic must be about biotechnology. If it is not on the list of
preapproved topics, email me before beginning.

Journal critique grid (available on Canvas) must be used. References (other than
object of critique) are not required for this paper; however, any other references used
must be cited appropriately

Please download and use the journal critique grid available on Canvas to complete this assignment.
Failure to use this format will result in a grade penalty .You must provide a copy of the article
you are critiquing.

Articles must be research papers published in scientific, peer-reviewed journals within the past two
years (January 2020-present). Clinical trials and case studies are examples; review and continuing
education articles are not. If you are unsure of a particular article’s applicability

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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