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LA 10 advanced project management

Learning activity 10

1. Why is it important to honor the customs and traditions of a country when working on an international project?

2. Preparing for a specific international project requires serious pre-project homework. Understanding the motivation of the firm in selecting the project and its site provides important insights.

3. How would you explain to your Project Director the basic political, geographic, economic, and infrastructure factors to be taken into consideration on a foreign project?

4. How will they impact the implementation of the project?

Learning activity 11

Learn about the most popular change management models by reading the following article.

CIO Pages. (n.d.). Top ten change management models. CIO Pages.

Mind Tools. (n.d.). Lewin’s change management model: Understanding the three stages of change. Mind Tools.

Using the readings provided, compare the various change management models. Which of the models is most effective and why?

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