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Late 20th Century

QUESTION 1: Watch Kehinde Wiley video and pick 1 question


  • In what ways have contemporary artists examined social and political issues?
  • Judging from what you have seen in this chapter, what do you think art will look like in the future?
  • Why do you think figural art has become more prominent again?
  • Is painting dead as an artform?
  • QUESTION 2: Watch Takashi Murakami video and write a short response based on the topic below

    Takashi Murakami is an international artist that is known for his collaborative work in fashion, music, and other popular industries. In high demand, the artist is involved in many projects. How do you think this artist may relate to artists from the Renaissance period that we have studied? (Be sure to name the Renaissance artist or artwork, and support your opinion based on information in your textbook.)

    QUESTION 3: Watch Shirin Neshat video and write a short response based on the topic below

    What questions does Shirin Neshat raise about the concept of “home” and how is she a nomad? in the short clip you observed, how do you see Neshat using the Elements and Principle of Art such as value, color, repetition, texture, etc to convey her message? (Be specific in your answer.)

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