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Learning Ecosystem

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Purpose & Task Description:

The purpose of this activity is to evaluate your understanding of the formal, informal and non-formal sources of learning and support within your learning ecosystem.

In this assessment item, you will visualise your Professional Learning Ecosystem and provide an explanation of its elements.

While you may have a clear understanding of your learning ecosystem in your head, it is important to be able to convert this information into a functional record. Having a record not only allows you to evaluate the nature and completeness of your understanding of your ecosystem, but it also allows you to re-engineer it as you move from a beginning professional (pre-graduation) to an established professional in employment.


Document submitted via MyUni.

If you have an alternative method, such as a website, an app or another alternative format that you would like to use to represent and explain your professional learning ecosystem please contact your workshop facilitator/tutor to discuss this option.

Use the Harvard referencing systemLinks to an external site.

Learning Outcomes

3. Analyse and represent their personal professional learning ecosystem (incorporating formal and informal sources of learning)

4. Reflect on the nature of their involvement in cooperative learning processes


What you need to do to be successful in this assignment:

1. Write and submit an explanation of learning and your Professional Learning Ecosystem (1500 words minimum)

You will need to do additional research to support your submission, in particular regarding the issues associated with learning and professional development.

Your submission must include:

  1. Introduction
    Including visualisation of your Professional Learning Ecosystem
  2. How Learning works
    An explanation of how learning is understood to work for people and professionals.
  3. Sources of Learning in a contemporary business environment
    An explanation of the difference between and varieties of formal, informal and non-formal sources of learning in a contemporary business environment.
  4. My Professional Learning Ecoystem
    An explanation of the elements of your Professional Learning Ecosystem, including but not limited to the following criteria
    1. Formal Institutional Programs
    2. Learning Networks
    3. Resources
    4. Experiences
  5. My Plans for future development of my Professional Learning Ecosystem
    A description of the next steps you will take with your Professional Learning Ecosystem and an explanation of why.
  6. Reference List (Harvard)


How will you be graded?

Your Professional Learning Ecosystem will be evaluated against a simplified rubric. Please see the submission box for the full rubric.

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