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Legislative Process Diagram

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The purpose of this assignment is to learn about the different stages of the legislative process and identify several points in which social workers can intervene.


For this assignment, you will select a bill, then create a diagram of the legislative process it went through. Within the diagram, you will identify different opportunities at which a social worker could have intervened. The assignment has two submission parts:

  • This Week – Create a diagram of the legislative process it went through to either become a law or be defeated.
Diagram Requirements

The selected bill must be clearly introduced by providing the following information:

  • bill number,
  • brief purpose,
  • author and/or co-authors,
  • sponsors,
  • whether there are any companion bills.

The diagram should clearly present the steps of the legislative process the bill underwent to either become a law or be defeated. After each step has been clearly identified, indicate different opportunities in which social workers could have intervened to support or defeat the legislation. Provide a short explanation of the rationale for each of the intervention points.

Your are free to use any method available to create the diagram (i.e. Microsoft PowerPoint / Publisher; Adobe Illustrator; Google Drawings / Slides; hand drawn and scanned, etc.) so long as it is ultimately uploaded into the course in PDF format.

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