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Letter of interest and Supplemental Statement

I need a Letter of Interest (not to
exceed two pages) that
outlines my qualifications
and leadership philosophy as
it relates to performing the
duties of the Assistant Deputy
Chief Pretrial Services &
Probation Officer position

.A supplemental statement
(not to exceed two (2) pages)
addressing the following

1) What do you feel are the
most pressing matters
impacting the U.S. Pretrial
Services & Probation
Office today? What
thoughts do you have on
how to manage these

2) What specific steps have
you taken to develop
yourself for the role of
Assistant Deputy Chief?
What aspects of this
position do you think
would pose the greatest
challenges for you, and
how would you prepare
yourself to meet those

I am applying for this job and need answers to the questiions above

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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