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Linear regression excel need an expert for an A


  • Demonstrate your understanding of linear regression, your ability to use excel to complete a regression analysis, and to draw valid conclusions.

– download attachment for use

  • (15pts) – Create a scatter chart in excel with MPG City as the dependent variable and Engine Size as the independent variable
    • 5 pts – Select the correct variable for each axis
    • 5 pts – Select an appropriate chart title and axis titles
    • 5 pts – Eliminate any white space by adjusting the axis bounds
  • (15pts) Add trend line features to scatter chart
    • 5pts Display a trend line
    • 5pts Display the equation
    • 5pts Display the R-Square value
  • (25pts) – Run regression analysis using the data analysis tool and answer the associated questions
  • Upload your completed excel file in the last question to show your work.

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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