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Literature Review (S)

Hello Cristina,

How are you?

I am willing to continue our work together while we are waiting for my SUP to reply to this proposal. Moreover, we are seeking in this part to do (The questionnaire +CH 1+ CH 2).

We have 3 weeks to work on them. From today until the 26th of this month.

You can use what you wrote in the proposal to include them in these 2 chapters. Now we need to work on the main research with its points. Therefore, I need additional pages between 25 – 30 pages.

We will do them as follows:

1- I need the questionnaire and CH 1 during the first week and send them to me. The range of questions in the questionnaire that I think is suitable is between 15-30 questions.

2- Regarding the questionnaire, I will send you my previous file for previous work just to get the idea, No need to follow the same way, I just want to show you that I need the questionnaire with the reference with each question or the reference for the group of questions.

3- The reason why I need the questionnaire in the first week is that I need to send it to my SUP for approval before I start creating an e-survey.

4- I will send you the following files:

4-1 Research Submission Template. (This is the main file that you will use in your writing. Be advised, it is ready in format, you just write on it).

4-2 I will send another file regarding the formatting for your reference.

4-3 My previous file where I sent it to my Previous SUP to get his approval for my previous research. (Just to get the idea and you may write it better than my way)

4-4 I made slight changes to our proposal, with points 5 and 9. You may have a look to see what I changed.

Thank you so much

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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