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Literature Table

Get “5” primary, current research articles which support your PICOT: In adults within the age frame of 40 and 70 with hypertension, how does the adjustment of lifestyle (routine physical exercises and dietary adjustments). compared to pharmacological therapy help to manage the condition and reduce chances of prognosis to complications within the recuperation period inside six months.

Then fill out the literature table attached below. Under column “A”, put the reference of the article in APA 7th edition style citation. Then for the other columns you put one or two sentences based on the heading. For column “K” how the article relates to the NURSING practice. Please make sure to follow the grading rubric attached below.

Do not forget to fill out the 3 parts at the bottom “PICOT, Databases, Key words”.

No in-text citation or quote is needed for this assignment.

At the end of the table, put hyperlinks for each article .

**** Ignore column “L” and “M”. Nothing goes in there.

**** I strongly recommend you use your school library for this assignment.

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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