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Love in Freedom

Please write a 3-page minimum Paper (or more if you wish!) from the prompt below. BE SURE THE PAPER IS INDEED 3 PAGES MINIMUM, NOT INCLUDING WORKS CITED PAGE. The Paper must follow the standard Modern Language Association (MLA) format: typed; double-spaced; 12 point; new times roman font: heading; title; running head with page numbers; list of works cited page.

Here is the PAPER #2 prompt:

Nina Simone’s song JUST IN TIME plays in the final scene of the film BEFORE SUNSET. This scene can be seen as a moment of personal liberation and freedom for Jesse and Céline on their journey…

Please listen to the song and its lyrics: Nina Simone – Just in Time (Lyrics) (Links to an external site.)

Once you have listened to JUST IN TIME, please write about: 1) Nina Simone – who is she, why is she important, how does she inspire you, and how do you connect to her personally. And, 2) describe another moment or scene of personal liberation and freedom in any of the three films from The Before Trilogy – other than the first scene/moment in Before Sunrise and the final scene/moment in Before Sunset. Be sure to share why you chose that moment or scene and how you personally connect to it…

Be inspired by the philosophical idea: “If we affirm one moment, we thus affirm not only ourselves but all existence”.

And as always, be deeply personal

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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