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Make presentation addressing an issue involving mental health and addictions in Indigenous people

Given the importance of collectivity (as opposed to individualism) in
Indigenous cultures, there will be one major group presentation that students are
expected to work on throughout the term. Together the group will put a multi-
media research project presentation together that will address an issue involving
Indigenous peoples in Canada.
The project assignment will be based on research conducted throughout the
semester and will culminate in an online published piece on NEXUS. Students
may use pictures, art, music, symbols, stories, articles, and other materials to
support their project, but these must be included in the published piece.

Each Online Project will need to provide key or priority issues for each group
member and SPECIFIC examples to support those claims around Modern
Indigenous Identity (as determined by the group). The main section of the
Online Project will be made up of materials that relate to the term long group
exploration of Indigenous identity. It is expected to be chronological
(categorized over time).
Students are expected to meet regularly outside of class time to discuss,
contribute and share their ideas and materials. Notes from those meetings (with
attendance records) will be included with the final submission (appendix).
Students will be given class time to work on the assignment as well, but this
will not be enough. Students should plan AT LEAST 2 additional meetings.
Presentations will be graded based on engagement, creativity, spelling,
grammar, writing style, and overall presentation. Each group is required to
present their project upon completion. Each group will be given 20 minutes

total to present each group member’s contributions to the project.

Presentation Rubric

Did the students identify/label their slides (put your name on the start of your slides) 1 mark
Are the slides clear and concise (free of spelling and grammatical errors) 4 marks
Does the presentation seem organized and well thought out (not rushed) 2 marks
Do the slides include a reference page 1 marks
Does the group provide at least two (2) meeting notes when submitting slides (2 marks)
Total: 10 marks

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