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Maketing Case Analysis

From one of the cases you are not presenting, you are required to submit an analysis (double spaced, 12 size font, margins at all four sides of each page should be 1 inch). A template will be distributed for this analysis. This is to be handed in at the beginning of the class when we will be focused on that case. You get to choose which one.

Not: Can’t be used for case analysis (Wellington Brewery, L’Oreal and Apple ).


A. Situational Assessment / Environmental Scan – the broad view

look at: CREST(N)

Competitive Landscape – Is it a competitive industry? Who are primary competitors? What are they doing?

Regulatory – Three levels ofgovernment – who are they? what can they do to change your business environment?

Economic Factors – how is the economy doing?

Social Trends – what’s happening? what’s changing?

Technologicalfactors- that would affect our business

Natural Factors- how does the environment enter into this?

AND/OR: Porter’s Five Forces:

Competition in the industry;

Potential of new entrants into the industry;

Power of suppliers;

Power of customers;

Threat of substitute products.

B. SWOT Analysis

Strengths / Weaknesses – internal assessment

Opportunities / Threats – external assessment

C. Problem Statement

What is the primary problem in the case?

Make sure you understand the difference between the actual problem and symptoms of it

D. Alternatives

List 4-5 – what can be done?

E Criteria/evaluation

What will you use to measure each alternative?

(eg staff turnover? Staff motivation? profit? market share? survival?)

F Analysis of the Alternatives

What would be the pros and cons of each?

How does each measure up against the criteria?

G. Recommendation

Which alternative would you recommend?

H. Action Plan

Who? What ? When? Where ? Why? How?

I. ContingencyPlan

Briefly – in case your first plan of action isn’t quite working?

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