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Management Practice BSS063-6

1. Report on Simulation:

The assessment strategy supports the emphasis on experiential and enquiry-based learning in progressively supporting the effective integration of theory and practice to facilitate your transition into the professional work environment. You will participate in a competitive business game designed to simulate a realistic management situation. You will engage in the simulation as part of a group and as team of ‘Directors’, over successive periods you will monitor the performance of your own business and the competition, adjusting your strategic and tactical decisions accordingly.

The performance of your team and the final outcome will depend on how effectively you apply theory in practice to support critical analysis and evaluation in context. Your aim is to enact informed problem solving and identify opportunities as a result of your clear decision making. You will need to draw extensively on theories and techniques from your MBA toolkit through taught units, including specific questions regarding your vision, mission, objectives, strategic planning, decision making and key take-always, such as ;

  • Strategic Management
  • Marketing
  • Human Resource Management
  • Performance management
  • Operations Management and Finance

will need to be addressed as a minimum and you will also have the opportunity to highlight other areas of your own choice. You will be assessed on an individual report. This demands in-depth critical analysis and evaluation of theory in practice leading to clear conclusions and feasible recommendations. Your individual report should be 3,000 (+/- 10%) words and cover:

1.On the effectiveness of your individual performance in making team decisions

2.Consider, how theory which you have learnt on the course was demonstrated both in your decisions and how as a team your final recommendations emerged.

Your report must be fully supported by directly relevant quality academic sources in demonstrating the integration between the theoretical academic frameworks and your strategy, planning, decision making and overall performance of your organisation during the simulation. A key aspect of the assignment is that you evidence a clear link between the strategy you adopt during the simulation and the various academic frameworks you have been studying throughout your MBA units to this point in time.

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