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Market Size Estimates – TAM & SAM for a new venture idea

In this report I just need this point to be done, it’s about 450 to 500 words

and I will give u what I wrote for the other parts to help u.

 Included Market size estimates – TAM and SAMB

USI2800 Entrepreneurship

Marking Rubric- Final Idea Report

Overall Report Presentation (15%)

 Well presented, clearly articulated, free of spelling/grammatical errors,
professional looking
 Appearance of being written by a single author
 Data or information assertions were supported by proper references in APA style
 Included signed declaration of academic integrity
 Included a summary, introduction, conclusions and references.
 Utilized Appendices.
 Followed page limit and format guidelines provided in the NVP overview.
 Provides details of team member contributions

For Final Idea (85%)

 Clearly articulated the specific, unique idea and pain point to the reader
 Convinced the reader that the problem is significant and worth solving
 Articulated the filter criteria/rationale for selecting this idea over others
 Showed evidence that idea filters/feasibility were based upon the team’s own
values and experience.
 Included well thought out business model using 9-point business model canvas
 Included the Value Proposition Canvas
 Used the “New Business Road Test” as a framework for analysis. Included Critical
Success Factors under the “team” domain.
o Complete New Business Road Test analysis using Seven Domains model.
o Provided evidence of industry research: e.g., competitors, size of the
industry, etc.
 Included Market size estimates – TAM and SAM (covered in class)
 Provided a “Competitive test matrix” which shows how the benefits of your idea
compare with the rest of the industry
 Minimum Viable Product. Describe what MVP you decided to use for customer
value testing, and how you arrived at that decision. Include a picture, screenshot,
 Customer Validation report detailing real world feedback from 25 to 30 potential
customers. Use digital tools for outreach. Ensure you describe, and explain:
o Which customer segment you targeted,
o Your means for gaining validation using the MVP,
BUSI2800 Entrepreneurship (c) Tom Duxbury and Rowland Few
o What their responses were,
o What you learned from the customer validation exercise, and
o Your next step decision: move forward or pivot, in what way?
 Used all course material presented to date as appropriate
 Included an executive summary, introduction and conclusion. With clear next steps
and convinced the reader that the opportunity has potential for success

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