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MBA 670 9041 Strategic Decision Making- Project 4

Project 4: Simulation as a Tool for Strategic Decision Making—Part 2
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Everyone in the office has been buzzing about your team’s leadership and efforts on the MediCorp project. As a result, the CEO, Jillian Best, brings the team together to discuss the next steps. The decisions you made through Capsim were constructive in understanding MediCorp’s approach to local markets, and Jillian would now like you to examine the client’s potential for business success on a global scale. “MediCorp has been very impressed with our work thus far,” she says. “Let’s keep up that momentum. China and Germany have emerged as excellent options for growing MediCorp’s business internationally. Your teamwork, projections, and analysis will be very useful as we help this client navigate these markets.”

Jillian requests that you continue working on the same team and using Capsim to evaluate MediCorp’s potential international markets. The meeting concludes, and you return to your office feeling rejuvenated with your sights set on global success.


In Project 4, you will continue to work on the same team as in Project 3. Again, you will turn in your own analysis at the end of the project for an individual grade. Starting from scratch and choosing a new strategy—a global strategy—you will use the Capsim software to simulate a real-world environment in which you not only make strategic business decisions for MediCorp but see the results year after year. Your team’s simulation results for MediCorp are not graded or assessed. Rather, your project grade will be based on the quality of your individual analysis of the simulation results and your ability to interpret the results as a consequence of the team’s decisions.

To get started, click Step 1: Discuss Entry Strategy.

Project 4: Simulation as a Tool for Strategic Decision Making—Part 2
Step 1: Discuss Entry Strategy


As you prepare to choose a new strategy—a global strategy—to direct your client’s business decisions, it will be useful to think critically about international strategies, modes of entry, and globalizing the management model.

Before you and your teammates settle on a strategy, Jillian Best has asked you to meet and discuss the various factors that influence an entry strategy.

Based on your reading, research, and analysis, respond to the two discussion questions below:

Discussion Topic 1: What are the factors that influence an organization’s choice of entry mode in a country? Discuss how the chosen mode fits with an organization’s goals and objectives.

Discussion Topic 2: What are the country factors that influence an organization’s decision to enter that country? What is the impact of the culture and geography on the organization’s value-chain activities being relocated to the country?

Review the MBA Discussion Guidelines for instructions on participation in discussions. Also, abide by the following guidelines:

  • The titles of your main postings should indicate the discussion topic number (e.g., #1, #2).
  • Respond to a minimum of two postings from your classmates before the end of Week 7.
  • In your discussions, cite examples when you describe theories from your reading and research. You may use examples from your organization or industry, current or recent newsmakers, or other reliable sources.

After the discussion, proceed to the next step, where your team will select a global strategy to guide your business recommendations for your client.

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