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measuring performance in my cost center- patient access

Criteria for measuring performance in my cost center

Target-Patient Access/Patient Services in hospitals

For your term paper: Use single space, Times New Romans, Font 11 and justified. Max 2000 words.

The general framework of your paper could touch on the following [not exclusively on]: An introductory paragraph: a brief background of your organization/cost center (healthcare) without mentioning the name[5 points]

Criteria that you cost center use in measuring performance, and why did you select the criteria.

Criteria may include [a] financial measurements factors (profit per employee, number of complains, improvements in delivery time, customer retention rate) [b] non-financial factors (political, economy, socio, technological) and/or[c] a combination of both financial and non-financial factors [20 points]

Conclusion, comments, and suggestions [15 points]

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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