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MGMT 645: NEGOTIATION: Planning document questions( role of Terry Schiller for Hollyville- Seller)


Role of Terry Schiller for Hollyville- Seller

Please note that these questions only cover the basic elements of any negotiation. You should also think about other critical questions for each negotiation exercise and include the relevant details.

1. Negotiation exercise title:

2. Your role:

3. What issues are most important to you?

a. List in order of importance

4. What is your BATNA? Reservation price? Target?

5. What are your sources of power? In other words, what gives you an edge in this negotiation? (Hint. Read Ch8)

6. What issues are most important to your opponent? (Take a reasonable guess)

a. List in order of importance

7. What do you think is your opponent’s BATNA? Reservation price? Target? (Take a reasonable guess)

8. What do you think your opponent’s sources of power are? (Take a reasonable guess)

9. What is your opening move/first strategy?

10. How will you respond to your opponent’s strategy?

11. From the assigned textbook chapters (refer to the course schedule in syllabus), select relevant concepts/strategies and explain how you will apply them into your negotiation exactly. Rather than providing a summary, focus on “how” you will use them with as much specifics/details as possible. Answer to this question should be at least 50% of your planning document.

NOTE: I am attaching sample for this assignment.

you don’t have to do the portion I highlighted in the sample (textbook strategy)

you have to include 4 references for RESEARCH RELATED STRATEGY part.(RED HIGHLIGHTED) ( you can see this part at the end of the sample pdf). No references for the above-mentioned questions.

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