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MGMT 661-Strategic Management-Case study

After reading the case study answer the questions-

These are the questions for Clearly Canadian case study. Please remember to include cover page, case study summary and use questions as headings.

1. What generalizations can you present in regard to the impact of the FTA and NAFTA on Canadian corporate strategies?

2. Who is the ‘new age customer’ and what are the implications for corporate strategies?

3. What do you see as the need for employee empowerment in order to achieve improvements in labour productivity?

4. What is the new role for Canadian managers in trying to compete in the global marketplace?

5. What are the special difficulties faced by small and medium sized businesses in obtaining necessary finance and what do you propose for financial assistance by governments to offer specifically for small and medium sized enterprises?

Total Pages: 10 (including cover page, case Summary, References)

The number of references is up to us. No specific rule. References must be in APA 7th ed. format.

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