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Mini Project I: Segmentation

MINI PROJECT I, Learning Unit 3: Segmentation.

Mini Project I: = 100 points. Suggested length: 5 – 10 pages, double spaced, 1-inch margins. Word Doc. Submit via Canvas.

You are required to select a global brand of interest to you that is relevant to the course for the purpose of conducting a segmentation analysis and from that analysis develop an outline strategic marketing plan to build the brand.

In general terms you are to give consideration to:


Target Market,


and develop an outline IMC strategy for the brand around the marketing and promotional mix as appropriate for the selected target market(s).

You will need to develop 7 questions along the lines discussed in module 8: questions should elicit variation.

Collect data from other students in your class using any software such as SurveyMonkey, Qualtrics or Google Forms. You may, if you wish, collect the data ‘by hand’ through interview or email.

Conduct the segmentation analysis using SPSS (see Canvas for instructions); identify the segments; calculate the cluster centroids (i.e. the arithmetic mean for each question/variable for each cluster you identify). Again, see Canvas for instructions. Based on the means for each variable in each of your clusters, you are to describe and evaluate the clusters; select a target marked and justify your selection based on your findings; develop a basic outline (bullet points is sufficient) IMC strategy to position your brand that will be favorable to the target market.

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