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mini project part a and b


PART A (worth 50pts)


Based on the conjoint exercise, develop a conjoint design for a global brand of interest to you.

Note that in the conjoint exercise not all possible combinations (33) occur in the design. Only 9 occur (32).

However, each brand name is present with each level of interest rate and each level of credit. This is an important part of the design. Develop this design for your mini project II.

As discussed for the exercise, ‘market reality’ is an important part of the design and you want to avoid offering attribute levels in combinations that do not make sense.

Include in your report a copy of your spreadsheet with estimates of all 27 possible combinations.

Evaluate all estimates for the 27 possible combinations and make recommendations for building the brand and product offer based on your evaluation of the estimates.

You will have the opportunity to work on this over the next two weeks. You will collect data from ONE other person ONLY and conduct your analysis to complete your mini project II.

Write up your findings and interpret your results in a brief report and post on Canvas by the deadline.

Include tables/figures. Use a word document, 12pt font, standard margins of 1 inch and a copy of your table embedded in your report.

Please check that your work is readable as I cannot grade work that I cannot read.

PART B (worth 50pts)


Discover – 50pts.

Taking your conjoint to a professional level using your Mini Project II Part A.

Conjoint analysis is considered the most important model for assessing the value consumers place on features of a brand, product or service and how much they are willing to pay for them. Conjoint combines real-life scenarios and statistical techniques with the modeling of actual market decisions.

Rubric / instructions

  1. Set up a Discover account using the link below: (链接到外部网站。)

  1. Use your experimental design (consider any feedback I may have given you) and build a conjoint model. See video.
  2. Add an extra attribute with 3 levels and at least 2 addition levels in other attributes you have in your design.
  3. Test you survey then publish and collect data from 10 respondents (you get a link when you publish which you may share with respondents).
  4. Go to Analyze and Conjoint data and analyze your collected data.
  5. Use the simulator to predict the best options for all three brands / products / features that were the focus of your conjoint experiment.
  6. Send a half-page report on your best simulation result, i.e., the one that predicts the greatest market share for the brand / product that was the focus of your experimental model. Include in your report all options for the brand / product / features that produced the greatest market share and were the focus of your conjoint experiment. Submit to the Canvas.

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