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Mock Informed Consent Form and Grant Application based on a Research Topic Provided

This is a two part question based off of a research question and topic within the files named “powerpoint for APK project” and “proposal outline.”

Overall, this is a detailed-oriented two-part question and requires much attention to detail as the information regarding the outline and what you add further, using your imagination to expand further on the topic if applicable, needs to translate across the mock grant application, and the informed consent form. You can fabricate many things such as addressing why you want to do the project, what you will do with the extra funds, etc. However, if you need any further assistance, please reach out as you have a lot of time to communicate with me and clear any confounding factors if necessary.

2. A Mock Grant Application needs to be completed which is addressing the topic within the “proposal outline.” You can follow files named “mock grant project 2021” and the “blank ACSM,” as within this file is where you will be filling it out. There is also a great example named “Part AACSM 2016 example” which you can follow for further guidance to complete this. I will also be adding a file named “2021 RESUME” and you may follow this when inputting my credentials and such. You may have to reach out for further information about me and I am more than welcome to answer you. Please ask me if you need anything at all as communication is probably going to be needed for the completion of this section.

3. A informed consent form needs to be created addressing the topic within the “proposal outline.” You may use the files labeled “template for informed consent” and “informed consent example” as you will be using the template to complete the informed consent form, and the example for guidance. You are also allowed to copy and paste from the example to your informed consent form if applicable as a lot of the wordings are verbatim of what you will be needing to write in your consent further.

You essentially need to turn in the blank ACSM form filled out, and the template for the informed consent filled out. So, TWO FILES NEED TO BE SUBMITTED AS YOUR FINAL ANSWER.

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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