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Module 6 Graded Discussion

Pick one category in Neuwirth’s Health Prioritization Protocol (only one), very briefly explain it (sentence or two) and, using a specific barrier (only one) to implementing retail thinking in health care (we identified several, see retail module video and readings/handouts in the retail module), explain how that barrier: (a) could specifically serve to hinder the health system’s pursuit of service improvements in your chosen HPP category; and (b) how that retail barrier might be overcome or addressed generally through some innovative approach taken in that HPP category. Please aim for 225-250 words in your answer, and use all the available space to address (a) and (b) above. Please do not repeat any innovations discussed in class or the Neuwirth book, i.e. introduce an original one for the answer.


Neuwirth, Chapters 10 and 11(Attached)

Telehealth and quality (Attached)

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of Management Review, 19(3): 419-445. (Attached)

Deloitte Insights. 2019. The Future of Health. Available at: (Links to an external site.)

Deloitte Insights. 2020. Improving Care and Creating Efficiencies: Are Physicians Ready to Embrace Digital Technologies Now? Available at : (Links to an external site.).

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