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module question and analysis

This module’s topics are:

  • Develop research questions and hypotheses
  • Use of theory in quantitative and qualitative research
  • Theoretical frameworks and research design
  • Going back to the literature

Read the following:

Creswell, Chapters 6 and 7

Purpose Statements and Research Questions

  • State your problem in 1-2 sentences, followed by research questions and hypotheses

then reply two two students.

Mid-Session ANALYSIS

  • Find a journal article of your interest and identify the key components of the research design (using the frameworks and issues covered till now in the class). All the module readings from both books. Previous modules and this included. For the article you can choose one that is connected to the applied project.



  • Explain whether the author(s) are successful in executing the research design they envisioned.
  • Limit your analyses to 2 pages.

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