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MRKT 627: International marketing project

The group project for MRKT 627 is selected from real industry projects offered on Riipen website. Riipen is an online collaboration platform that brings industry and academia together, with real company projects. Projects are completed by students as remote internships and provide students with the opportunity to work with real company managers and receive their first hand feedback on their performance. Moreover, this project allows students not only practice what they are being taught, but also build usable skills like project management and professional communication in the process.
The winner group members will receive recommendation letters from the company that enhance students’ employability after graduation.

Group project: In the corporate word, you will often work in groups or teams to work on projects or reports. In this project you will utilize all that you and your team members have learned in the course to write a detailed international marketing plan for Authentic Training INC. Authentic Instructor Training Inc. is an organization that provides boutique fitness studios with training and development specific to indoor cycling and other modalities, along with how to create a bold customer experience and how to run a studio. Authentic Instructor Training INC. is currently located in Calgary, Canada and planning to expand its footprint in Canada, the US and EU/UK markets.

The company manager is seeking a marketing plan and strategy to guide her in the following area;

  • What markets are the best first movers for their offering?
  • How do they reach studio owners who are wanting to add indoor cycling to their current location?
  • How do they reach prospective new studio owners who are interested in opening a new studio?
  • What is the best means of attracting individuals to sign up for open enrolment programs and what is their persona and demographic?
  • Which social media platforms are best to advertising and have the greatest reach into the fitness community, and what would be an appropriate budget?
  • What other means and methods are out there for marketing and advertising?
  • Should they come to the market with a “package” rather than selling and marketing individual offerings?

The project aims to provide solutions to the above questions.

In this document, you can find suggested details of what is expected in the plan. However, this plan can be adjusted based on the Authentic Instructor Training Inc.’s objectives. The international marketing plan should be no more than 6000 words for body (ideally 24 pages) double-spaced in length (1 inch margins) not including cover page, appendices, and bibliography. You need to follow APA citation and standard. You are highly suggested to thoroughly read “APA Quick Reference Guidelines”

Presentation: You have 15 min to present your work to The Marketing Manager of Authentic Instructor Training INC and students. You should be prepared to answer the audience’s potential questions for 5 minutes after your presentation. Group members will be expected to defend their plan and recommendations. All members of the group will participate equally in the write-up, presentation and handling of questions. The presentation should be clear, concise, equally shared by team members, and analytically well defended. The ability to answer questions effectively will be evaluated as well.



We have a beautiful 4 acre resort on Colpoys Bay with 21 room motel and 5 cottages, with an amazing view of the bay and water front property. We are a family run boutique establishment located at the base of the Bruce Peninsula.


Students could assist us through creating a plan to help people be directed to our business by –

1. Executive Summary

2. Company Description

3. Strategic Focus and plan

  • Mission/Vision
  • Goals
  • Core Competency and Sustainable Competitive Advantage
  • 4. Situation Analysis

  • SWOT Analysis (Internal Strengths and Weaknesses, Management, Offerings, Marketing, Personnel, Finance, Manufacturing, Research and Development (R & D), External Opportunities and Threats, Consumer/Social, Competitive, Technological, Economic, Legal/Regulatory)
  • Industry Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Company Analysis
  • Customer Analysis
  • 5. Market-Product Focus: Marketing and Product Objectives

  • Target Markets
  • Points of Difference
  • Positioning
  • 6. Marketing Program

  • Product Strategy
  • Price Strategy
  • Promotion Strategy
  • Place (Distribution Strategy)
  • 7. Financial Data and Projections

  • Past Sales Revenues
  • Five-Year Projections
  • 8. Organization

    9. Implementation

    10. Evaluation and Control


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