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Music Discussion Question

Western Classical music has developed and evolved throughout time due to sociological, technological and musical advancements. Historically, new inventions (such as printing, musical notation, instruments and electricity) have allowed composers the ability to experiment with musical form, structure, balance, craftsmanship and design and have also contributed to changes in musical consumption by the masses.

Of the periods we have studied thus far, which musical period do you think is historically the most significant: the Medieval period (450-1450), the Renaissance period (1450-1600), the Baroque period (1600-1750), the Classical period (1750-1820) – OR – the Romantic period (1820-1910)?

What factors lead you to this perspective? What composer do you think contributed the most during this important period? What did he or she contribute and what was musically and historically significant or influential about the contribution(s)? Reference at least one musical example in your response –AND – use additional musical examples as needed.

            • You MUST include sources below the body of your response!
              • Please note: You may quote any reputable source you wish… BUT you must supply the information for others to locate it (i.e.: a website link, news article, name and author of a book, etc).
              • Also note: Do NOT rely on our textbook as the ONLY source of information. Do your research!
            • You MUST include a link to any and ALL music examples discussed!
              • Please note: You may include YouTube, Vimeo or other embedded videos.

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