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Music Final

Responses to each prompt should be 2 to 3 paragraphs in length. Please provide musical examples as needed to illustrate your point. (You can use time stamps if you’re speaking about a specific section of a piece).

1) What was the technological advantage of music notation in the Middle Ages and what did it afford? Why is notation an important element of western music? And what is its relationship to music theory?

2) Name at least 3 different instances throughout western music history in which concepts developed in Ancient Greece and Rome were implemented and provide a musical example of this.

3) What were some of the difficulties that women faced while pursuing a career in music? How did the societal structures impact the access of women to music education? Name 2 composers that managed to overcome these difficulties and how. Briefly mention the period in which they were active.

4) What are some of the musical currents of the 20th century and what were some of the strategies used by composers in order to break with the musical tradition of the past.

5) How did composers of different cultural backgrouds incorporate their own musical traditions in the music that they composed? Choose one composer and expand.

6) What are some personal takeaways from this class? Has your understanding of music after taking course impacted your listening of western music? If so, in what way?

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