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NK nuclear proliferation

No American President (Democrat or Republican) has been able to eliminate North

Korea’s nuclear weapons or rollback its nuclear weapons program.
Why did Clinton, Bush, Obama, and Trump all fail to denuclearize North Korea
despite pursuing, in some cases, quite different strategies?
If you were President Biden and your goal were to stop North Korea from
developing any more weapons, including the missile technology necessary to fire a
missile at the continental US, what strategy would you pursue toward Kim Jong-
un and why?
How likely do you believe this strategy is to work and why?


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2004) Chapter 2-3, pp. 39-100. On Canvas.
Ken Dilanian, Carol E. Lee, and Dan De Luce, “North Korea has more nuclear
weapons than ever. What should Biden do?” April 17, 2021.(…

K)yle Beardsley and Victor Asal, “Winning with the Bomb”. Journal of Conflict
Resolution. Vol. 53, no. 2 pp. 278-301.

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