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NSG 451 _ Wk 2 Identifying waste

Assignment Content

    • Setting: administrative, operational, clinical
    • Efficiency
    • Value to patient

Think about the clinical environment where you work or one in which you previously worked.

Identify opportunities for waste reduction. Consider the following:

Suggest process changes to improve the situation.

Write a 175-word memo to front-line staff and nurse leaders explaining your findings.

Develop a 7- to 10-slide presentation for your department.

Submit both of your documents separately: your power point presentation and memo. Please remember to include speaker notes with your power point presentation. Remember the title and reference slides do not count toward the required number of slides. The average number of words per slide is 4-6 words per line with 4-6 lines per slide. Use your speaker notes to clarify your slides and provide additional supporting information.

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