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NSG 482CA: Promoting Healthy Communities

Review and compile the data from your community and family assessments.

Ensure you have included an explanation of the LHI(s) that apply to your family’s community.

Format your genogram and ecomap as a mind map or other visual representation.

Format your family and community assessment data as one of the following:

  • Table
  • Chart
  • Matrix/spreadsheet
  • Legal-sized infographic
  • 10- to 15-slide presentation

Select one theory relevant to family/community health and one non-nursing theory that will help the family adjust their behavior.

  • Summarize the key points of each.
  • Explain the specific application to family/community health or patient behavior.
  • Address the strengths and limitations of each.
  • Explain how the theory integrates the nursing process and is applicable at each level of prevention.

Format your theory assignment as one of the following:

  • 7- to 10-slide presentation
  • 7- to 10-minute oral presentation
  • Another format approved by your instructor

Include at least one peer-reviewed and one evidence-based reference and an APA-formatted reference page.

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