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NUR3164: Critical Appraisal of a Qualitative Research Study

Please consider the following:

  • A qualitative nursing research article published in the past 5 years is required: Select an article of your choice and submit to faculty via email
  • Use APA formatting throughout the paper (see APA 7th), including the title page, reference list, and at least 400 – 800 words to perform a critical appraisal of a qualitative research study
  • Please utilize APA level one and level two headings to organize your work.
  • Appraise the quality of the article/research study using the Critical Appraisal Guidelines of Qualitative Studies in Fain, (2017) Chapter 14. Also address the following sections:
  • Introduction
    • Write a brief description of the research article and include the following:
    • The purpose of the research study?
    • Identify the type of qualitative study? (descriptive, grounded theory, ethnography, phenomenology)
    • Describe the “numerical” Level of Evidence according to the scale posted on the Differentiating Research Assignment.
  • The following sections should EACH be addressed and include at least one paragraph:
    • Problem Statement:
    • Research questions
    • Literature review
    • Sample and sampling procedure
    • Protection of human subjects
    • Methodology
    • Data collection procedures
    • Data analysis procedures
    • Scientific integrity: credibility/transferability/dependability/confirmability
    • Results and findings of the study
  • Evaluation summary:
    • Applicability to replicate the study
  • The applicability to apply study findings in your area of Nursing Practice, whether that be a hospital, home health, SNF, etc.
    • How does this study relate to evidence-based nursing practice?
    • Comment on the unique findings, impact on nursing, the strengths and weaknesses of the study.

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