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Nursing Concepts

Your peer responses should be between 150-200 words.

1. Culture is a very important aspect on some people lives, however, a lot of people do not realize the impact their culture has on their lives. Culture includes the attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors of social and ethnic groups that has been kept in existence for many years (Black, 2020). One’s language, the things they wear, the food they eat, the activities they include in their day-to-day life, their outlook towards other cultures, their belief on health and spiritual levels, their outlook on women, men, children, marriage, education, careers, and more all are decided upon by their culture (Black, 2020).

Nurses must care for different patients that come from different cultures, therefore, having different beliefs that may even vary from their own. Due to that, it is vital that nurses develop the ability to meet the need of culturally diverse patients (Black, 2020). The “perfect” nurse educates themselves on the importance of being aware of patient’s cultural beliefs and to respect them. They also try to include patients’ cultural preference in the plan of care whenever it is possible.

Patients of different cultures are at risk of experiencing ethnocentrism while receiving care (Black, 2020). Ethnocentrism is believing that your culture and beliefs are superior to others culture and beliefs. Nurses may feel the want to ignore the patient’s cultural beliefs as it relate to their care because it does not relate to their own, however, it is important to include the patient’s cultural health beliefs in the plan of care to make a better outcome on the patients’ health (Black, 2020).

It is possible to learn about other cultures, without stereotyping. As a nurse it is important that the patients are always top priority. Therefore, understanding different cultures and knowing that it is normal to have different beliefs helps nurses provide the best care. A nurse accepting the patients culture allows the nurse to implement their beliefs in the care and create the best outcome for the patient

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