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Nursing Discussion Board

Discussion Board Items:

1. In what ways is, or is not, the nursing profession a special interest group in American Democracy? Identify at least two.

2. What strategies would enhance the effective influence of nurses as a collective special interest group in policy advocacy and electoral politics? Share at least three, with one of the three being a specific example of using media.

3. In what ways do nurses (you) benefit from the work of professional nursing organizations? Identify at least two.

4. Describe 2 aspects of globalization that are important for nurses to understand. Why are each of these aspects important to you as a nurse?

5. What are 3 major points that you learned in this course?

6. How will the information you learned in this course change the way you practice?

7. Create a plan for increasing your involvement in professional nursing organizations and advocacy. Address both professional nursing organization involvement and advocacy in your plan. Your plan can be 3 to 10 goals.

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