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Article: Sustainability 2.0 by Peter Capozucca and William Sarni

Deloitte Review, Issue 10


Although this article concerns sustainability and innovation, it deals in large part with supply chain management. For example, the example shown in Figure 1 concerns, for the most part, value chain components. The article includes five lessons learned.

Your initial post should address one of the five lessons learned by providing additional insight, based on what has been covered in this course. This is a purposeful broad discussion focus, designed to provide you with flexibility in addressing the topic of sustainability in a supply chain. You should provide justification for your arguments by detailing your experiences or those that have been recently published (e.g., peer reviewed articles, magazine stories, or newspaper accounts).

You are required to create one post (using 250-350 words) and respond to the post of one other student (using 100-200 words). Your main post is due by Day 5 at 11:59 PM, and your response to another student’s post must be completed by Day 7 at 11:59 PM.

Grades will be based on the criteria described in the Discussion Participation Grades table found in the syllabus.


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