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Operational Plan for Supply Chain Management

This week we will be discussing health care costs and best strategies to manage and cut costs. You will review an article that is located in you assignment tab, then you will choose 3 actions discussed in the article that you believe would be the most effective in cutting costs. Please state your reasons why you believe they will be effective and if you have any other ideas that may lower costs. Describe how you could implement those actions you chose to lower costs in the organization.

Your assignment this week builds upon last weeks operational template. Please read the assignment carefully, you are to add to your existing operational template the objectives for week 6 assignment. You will again submit another reflection based on this weeks assignment. You will submit the two forms as the assignment, Do not submit two separate assignments. If it is unclear please contact me I would like to help you with the assignment. Last week you developed a operational plan to increase volumes for a clinic. This week you will add to your strategies effective supply chain organizations to help you with this volume increase. For example, if you wanted to increase your volume through improved appointment scheduling or call backs, you may choose a IT supply chain, or you wish to add or reduce supplies so you could choose Medline to help keep supply costs low. Just a few ideas.

You are adding this weeks content to your current operational plan you created last week. DO NOT CREATE A NEW TEMPLATE, You will add to the one submitted last week.

Operational Plan for Supply Chain Management:

Supply chains provide a vital role in the success and failure of a healthcare organization. View the top 25 supply chains here: (Links to an external site.) After reviewing the vendors, select one to use for the assignment below.

Last week, you completed an operational plan to increase patient volume for your organization. This week, use the same template as last week (add onto your existing information) to investigate how to increase the efficiency of your supply chain by incorporating one outside vendor from the above article to provide management services. Remember to include the following for the company you research:

  1. Objective: How can we increase efficiency through supply chain management? What can be gained by using a management service? What outcomes do we hope to achieve?
  2. Strategies: Break down the objective into measurable tasks for completion.
  3. Time frames for completion
  4. Accountable member(s) of the team
  5. Estimated budget
  6. Total project cost

Now, based on your operational plan, reflect on the following:

  1. Why did you choose the supply chain you did? What services or techniques made them appealing? Are they in alignment with the objectives of the organization?
  2. Is the plan feasible and cost effective? Why or why not?
  3. Is the proposed cost worth the return on investment? Why or why not?
  4. Imagine the operational plan is rejected and the board of trustees asks you to look for alternate solutions to the supply chain issue. What are some ideas for achieving the same outcomes without using the service?

Your paper must be formatted in accordance with APA 7th edition guidelines, and you must use at least two scholarly references with appropriate citations. Your reflection should be at least two to three pages in addition to the template you submit.

(I attached last weeks template)

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