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Pearl Harbor Intelligence Failure

Choose a historical case study related to an intelligence failure to use as the focus of your paper.

I choose the Pearl Harbor attack but feel free to ask me to change it if you have another topic in mind. 🙂

Compose a 1,200-word paper that analyzes why the intelligence failure happened. In your paper, explain the critical factors that caused the failure to occur. These factors include:

  • Improper requirements
  • Collection failures
  • Analytical failures
  • Interagency/structural problems that prevented adequate sharing of information
  • Failure to communicate to policymakers and military leaders
  • Politicization
  • Role of Denial and Deception
  • Dysfunctional intelligence organization

This paper should not rehash history. It should be an analytical product that intertwines the scenario above in a cogent argument.

In addition to identifying the issue, please provide recommendations that the intelligence community can use to resolve the issue.

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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