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PERSONAL STATEMENT for Masters Program in School Psychology

I need an original personal statement to apply for school psychology program

Please upload a personal statement essay that addresses the

bullets below in no more than three pages. Please incorporate specific

examples where appropriate.

  • Career goals, aspirations and inspirations
  • Importance of this degree to achieving your goals
  • Past experiences working with others, including strengths and areas for improvements
  • Alignment
    of your personal philosophy of teaching, learning, counseling, or
    leadership with the Mission and Core Values of the Charter College of
    Education at Cal State L.A
  • Please reference our core values here.

****Please Read Entire Websites and incorporate their mission statement and goal into personal statement so that it shows I am a good fit***…

Information about me for personal statement:

Began community college in 2017 without a clue of what I want to do in life, I was doing terrible in college and was even on academic phrobation at on point, gpa was 1.8. I took a psychology class and felt interested in the major. Changed my major from Biochemistry to Pyschology. I quit my first job as a server at an indian restaurant in 2019 and began working at an afterschool program called LA’s Best. While learning about psychology and the minds of students I was able to incorporate what I had learned in college with my job and saw its flaws. While getting my associates degree in commmunity college i started paving a way into my future. I decided I would like to become a school psychologist. I transferred from community college with a low gpa and began taking classes at CSUN. While at CSUN I decided it was time to clean up my act and strive to do better. my gpa now is a 3.8 and i have been on the deans list since i have attended csun. I hope to be a helpful member of society to help schools, parents, teachers, staff, and the overall community to become a better place.

Please send a pdf of the final personal statment to me

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