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Persuasive Outline: Part 1

This assignment is actually three-fold:

Make sure you read and follow through on these directions which will assist you in building your persuasive speech outline–

1. Open the Guideline to Creating Persuasive Speech.docx

and print it out. Study it carefully. Keep it next to you and refer to it throughout the outline development process. We are going to be creating a formal, full-sentence outline which is required for the persuasive speech.

2. Open Working Outline- Thesis and Main Points.docx

for insight into what you need to complete for this week. Right now you’re tending only to the highlighted areas of the working outline. (The following student example of the value “creativity” shows you where you are to place this week’s assigned materials within the outline): LF OUTLINE 1 .docx

3. Now, open and use the following template: Persuasive Outline Form – Blueprint.docx

to complete your assignment for the week. Again, the only required sections for this week are the Thesis and Main Points, but make sure you place these materials inside the Introduction, the Body of the Speech, AND the Conclusion. (Remember to click on “Enable Editing” when you’re ready to add your materials to the template.)

Doing this will set you up for the next activity, building the Body of the Speech.

Once you’ve completed this assignment, you’ll need to upload your file to the assignment link. (There is no Discussion/Response this week.)


Finally, there is no rubric for this assignment. Assessment will be based on your successful completion of the Thesis & Main Points within the following sections of the outline template–

  • the Introduction (5pts.)
  • the Body (5 pts.)
  • and the Conclusion (5 pts.)

Please and Thank You

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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