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Philos1 week9 discussion and summary

Please write:

  1. One post on the chosen prompt, 150 to 300 words. Write the prompt number at the beginning.
  2. At least two comments on your peers’ posts, 50 to 150 words each. One of the comments can be your reply to a comment you received. Comments can be on any topic, not necessarily the prompt you have chosen.

Please be sure that your posts are on topic, and your comments are original, respectful and constructive. See the rubric for details (click on the three dots on the top right).


  1. Do you think that Marx’s concept of “false consciousness” helps understand some phenomena of today’s world? Explain what and why (or explain why not).
  2. According to Arendt, Eichmann claimed that “what he had done was a crime only in retrospect”. What does this mean? What does it tell us?
  3. De Beauvoir claims that being a woman is not a natural fact but the result of history. What does she mean? Do you agree?
  4. Share your thoughts on any of the additional resources and how it relates to the topics of this week.

SUMMARY 250-350 Words

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