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Policy Question

You will write a 550-word (EXCLUDING citations) about Intellectual Property in the Real World and on the Internet. essay that is opinion-based on the session’s topic, Include your insights and cite 4 references supporting articles as needed.

The essay will be graded using the following criteria:

*550 Words

*4 References

*APA Style

*Clarity of ideas

*Connections to course policy course

*Supporting sources for your ideas

*Excellent discussion with excellent conclusion

*Good English grammar, spelling, punctuation, and in-text citations.

THIS IS THE ESSAY TOPIC about Intellectual Property in the Real World and on the Internet. Intellectual Property by looking at the different copyright models now being proposed. Since Richard Stallman founded the Free Software Foundation in 1985 which resulted in Open Source software, many internet “radicals” have been pushing for open software and open copyrights. (check out to find out more about the Free Software Foundation. Lessig founded the Creative Commons, which uses “copyleft” instead of “copyright.” Discuss pros and cons of copyleft and copyright. How are real world copyright laws enforced on the Internet?

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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