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Identifying Cultural Competency Growth Areas: After reflecting on course materials up to this point, identify one cultural group that represents the greatest growth area for you in regard to exposure, lack of genuine relationships, lack of knowledge, etc. You may focus on racial, cultural, religious/spiritual, gender, affectional/sexual identity, ability, age, SES, and any other identity areas. Reflect on the following questions in a brief prospectus for the final project. Prospectus Outline:

      1. Identify the Area for Growth: Describe how and why you decided upon this group/population. What social, political, or personal forces have contributed to your limited exposure? In what ways has limited exposure influenced your biases/presumptions? How does it impact your relationships? What has been the personal cost to you, as well as interpersonal cost to members of the population you may have interacted with?
      2. Brainstorm an Experience: Brainstorm some possible experiences that could lead to genuine and sustained connection with this group/population. Reflect on your fears, concerns, doubts, etc., as well as what you would hope to gain. (Note: Due to COVID restrictions, you may not actually engage in an encounter, but I want to see you brainstorm ideas for how you can increase your relational exposure to individuals within this group).
      3. Plan: You should identify one book to read for the Portfolio 3 Book Review related to this population. You also should select one nonfictional movie or documentary that will help you connect with the lived experiences of the population. Please make sure that you select a resource that humanizes the group and that is not fully centered on oppression narratives. What I mean to say, is that I want the choice to be intentional to help you develop a deeper awareness of a population and that does not further reinforce supremacist narratives. For example, the CNN show “United Shades of America” is an excellent program that covers a number of groups within the U.S.

(Note: Please do consider the intent of this assignment in terms of finding an internal motivation to broaden your own relational connections. The intent is to avoid a one-time experience, as well as to avoid feeling voyeuristic entering another group, but rather to engage in sustained relational growth. If you feel it would be ingenuine or impossible to make these connections in your life, I hope you will reflect on what is keeping you from this growth and the power of divisive social systems at work in your own life.)

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